yasmin p.

Hi ūüĎč I'm Yas, a design engineer and digital 3d¬†artist based in Raleigh. I¬†design and build interfaces at Vercel, building full-stack product flows and components as well as marketing assets and illustrations. I create experiences that are accessible and intuitive, sparking joy through¬†interaction.

When I'm not at my computer, I like to play blues guitar and study Japanese.

woman wearing long-sleeved sweater

tech stack

my favorite tools used in my design and engineering work


  • typescript
  • javascript
  • css
  • html
  • graphql


  • vs code
  • figma
  • affinity
  • blender
  • adobe suite
  • cinema 4d
  • unity
  • xcode


  • react
  • next.js
  • framer motion
  • scss
  • gatsby
  • three.js
  • p5.js
  • basil.js


  • contentful
  • contentstack
  • strapi
  • github
  • postman
  • vercel