Yasmin Pessoa

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A versatile card deck with accompanying gameplay. This project was in collaboration with graphic designer Enrique Padilla.

We wanted to create a game that was lively and approachable for children and adults alike.

In lieu of pips, Pop Solitaire uses color to distinguish suits. While a standard deck is divided into red and black cards, this deck uses the simple geometry of circles and triangles.

Face cards are replaced with the numerals i, ii, and iii, to create a more instinctive order of hierarchy for someone who may not have experience playing cards.

Pop Solitaire gameplay is similar to Klondike Solitaire, but also incorporates elements of FreeCell to create a more forgiving game for children or inexperienced players. When playing solitaire games with this deck, the result is a tableau that becomes more vivid with patterns and color as the game progresses.

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a hand of cards

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the four suits

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gameplay instruction booklet

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the yellow cards

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the navy cards

6 / 9

the mint cards

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the pink cards

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the deck

an in-progress game of Pop Solitaire
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the tableau

an in-progress game of Pop Solitaire