yasmin p.

Break Orbit


UI / UX and illustration for Break Orbit, a mobile game developed by the indie game studio Drowsy Fox. With the goal of creating an approachable, vibrant interface, I leaned toward bright hues and softened geometry to create a cute aesthetic for the interface and game art.

game screen UI
game screen with power ups
gameplay screenshot. a cat in a star-spaced ship orbits a planet
break orbit home screen UI
home screen
item shop landing screen showing featured items and category selection
shop home
product page
product page

The game offers a great amount of customization options, allowing players to mix-and-match characters, ships, and cosmetic effects.

toy capsules containing game power-ups
game character icons: a cat, a dog, a koala, and a rabbit

I developed a set of ship designs, palettes, world themes, and a system for procedurally generating planets, using layered textures as building blocks.

planet illustrations from the game art

I also created a 3d illustration to serve as a promotional graphic during the development of the game.

3d illustration of the "break orbit" logo floating in space, showing four planets and a large sun-like star, as well as  a rocket orbiting a planet