yasmin p.



An imagined brand of confections from outer space, modeled and rendered with Blender.

four capsule-shaped items with flattened bases and "cosmonaut" branding at the base. within each is an almost alien-like form resembling gummy and hard candy.


non-newtonian: does not abide by any physical law

zen: instills a sense of self-actualization when eaten

cuboid: the most mathematically perfect crunch

cosmic: a jawbreaker that is somewhere between living and inanimate

three wavy rings float around an egg-shaped spongy form. the top ring is fluffy and hairy, while the middle is thin and sleek. the lowest ring is lumpy.
a gummy lumpy blob floats in its packaging
a single mass made up of rounded cubic forms. one face of each cube surrounds a smaller cubic face
a round metallic object with wide wavy grooves on its surface