four capsule-shaped packages, each containing an abstractly-shaped item behind a plastic dome. the base of each capsule reads "cosmonaut".
the four cosmonaut capsules arranged on cylindrical pedestals of varying heights.

An imagined brand of confections from outer space, modeled and rendered with Blender.

within a capsule, a soft egg-shaped form is surrounded by three wavy rings. the top-most, a thick, fluffy ring that looks almost like fur. in the center, a thin, sleek ring. at the bottom, a thick ring with a bumpy texture. the label on the capsule reads, 'zen'.
a floating bumpy form floats in its capsule, made up of spheres clumped together. the texture is akin to jelly. the label on the capsule reads, 'non-newtonian'.
a strange form in the capsule is made up of rounded, matte cubes clumped together. some of these cubes have cubes within them, which are jelly-like in appearance. the label reads 'cuboid'.
a spherical jawbreaker candy floats in its capsule, featuring a metallic surface with wavy grooves all around. the label reads 'cosmic'.