Neon Scenes

an isometric 3D animation depicting a desk in the corner of a room at night. a warm pink light glows from the blinds on the window. a neon light above the desk reads "midnight" in Japanese, illuminating the desk to reveal a metal crate containing vinyl records, a spinning turntable, a steaming cup of hot boba tea, a cylindrical light, a book, and a can of soda.
a living room scene at night with a neon sign with the words "temptation" written in Japanese on the wall. a retro television displays an endless scene of an ocean sunset. a bamboo plant sits in the corner, and on the TV stand a flickering digital clock reads, "11:07 PM".

Initially a personal project, this developed into an opportunity to work with musicians around the world, creating album artwork tailored to their music.

With this series of imagined scenes, I hope to immerse the viewer in a cozy, worry-free moment in time.

These scenes were modeled and rendered with Blender and Cinema 4D.

A modern armchair sits in the center of a dimly-lit room, beside a neon light reading "nostalgia" in Japanese. To its left is a futuristic lamp beside a large palm plant. The window sill behind the armchair holds a few books, and through the window, large purple trees can be seen. On a small coffee table sits a gameboy and a cup of tea. There are CDs scattered on the floor, atop a round fluffy rug.

Bedroom Beats

I had the pleasure of working with Capsun ProAudio to produce three cover illustrations for their Bedroom Beats & Lo-fi Hip Hop series of audio sample packs. For each of these images, we envisioned the relaxing atmosphere of a bedroom music production setup, creating an environment that complements Bedroom Beats sound.

A neon sign reading "lo-fi" in Japanese illuminates a desk at night. Through a window, city buildings appear. On the desk is a half-closed MacBook, a pen, a mug of tea, and some music production equipment, including an OP-1. A monstera plant sits beside the desk, partially out of frame.
vol. 1
A neon sign reading "energy" in Japanese illuminates a desk with a small isohedron-shaped lamp. Music production equipment on the desk sits beside a can of soda and a cup holding small, dainty flowers.
vol. 2
A neon sign featuring the Japanese character for "comfort" illuminates a desk containing a music keyboard and a half-closed MacBook. A small glass lantern holds an unlit candle. An oil diffuser is beside a dimly-lit large candle, and large palm fronds encompass the desk, drooping over to slightly obscure a cityscape seen through a window.
vol. 3

Personal works

While in college, I spent a bit of my free time working on personal illustrations as part of this series. The first of the neon scenes, Stardust, came about in an early graphic design class when I was tasked with creating a work that reflected my own personality in a somewhat abstract form.

A night scene depicting a soft sofa in front of a large window, where city buildings can be seen behind a downpour of rain. A neon sign reading "melodrama" in Japanese illuminates the scene, and a rainbow-shaped neon sign sits atop a coffee table. A Nintendo 64 controller and a vinyl record are scattered about.
A black cat sleeps curled up on a two-seat sofa. A neon sign reading "stardust" illuminates the scene, which contains a turntable on a rolling cart and records strewn about the floor. A Super Nintendo controller sits on the ground, and a partially obscured window reveals a cityscape behind heavy rain.
A large neon sign reading "somewhere" in Japanese hangs above a sofa. A glass coffee table holds a glowing phone and a Starbucks cup. A rocking chair sits under a large palm plant, in front of a window depicting a city scape.
A flickering neon sign reading "shelter" in Japanese glows above an audio setup which contains headphones, a turntable, and a bookshelf speaker. A bean bag sits in front of a large window depicting city buildings. A medium-sized palm plant is in the corner, behind an illuminated GameBoy SP and vinyl record sleeves on the floor.