a 3D-render of an ampersand. it's covered in thick grass and a variety of flowers of different shapes and sizes that stick out from its form.

A series of 3d illustrations for Positype's Organic Pro typeface. These images were used to promote the typeface on social media.

Organic Pro takes inspiration from the environment and natural forms. I was asked to highlight the welcoming and quirky character of the typeface, and imagine it within settings influenced by the real world.

I translated the typeface into three-dimensional models, placing them in handcrafted environments that complement the organic forms of the glyphs.

a 3d render of a flower field atop a mountain. in the background, a hazy mountain range is visible. amidst the field is the word 'flowers' in golden metal, reflecting the plants around it.
limes in the shapes of letters from the word 'sour' sit atop a cutting board with a knife on it. the 'O' is cut in half to reveal the "lime" wedges within.
the word 'organic' floats in front of a concrete wall. each of the letters is covered in thick, fluffy grass.
the word 'ancient' appears in a barren desert valley, surrounded by large rocky mountains. the word is partially covered in moss, obscuring its eroded rocky concrete-like texture.
3d render of the word 'organic' laying on a grassy field, surrounded by dandelions and autumn trees. the word is carved from smooth maple wood.