yasmin p.



I had the pleasure of working on a series of 3d illustrations for the Organic Pro typeface by Positype. These images were used for promoting the typeface on social media.

the word "flowers", metallic, sits in a field of flowers on a mountain overlooking the faint haze of mountains in the background at sunset
limes shaped like letterforms to read "sour" sit atop a wooden cutting board with a knife on it. the "o" is split in half to reveal the inside of the lime
the word "organic", covered completely in grass, floating in front of a rough concrete wall
the word "ancient" appears in a deserted valley field surrounded by cliffs. the word is made of stone and covered with bits of moss.
the word "organic" in wood, laid on the floor of a grassy outdoor scene, surrounded by fallen leaves and maple trees
the word "quirk", appearing like skin, covered in short thin white hairs floats behind a blurred closeup of cotton candy

Organic Pro is a warm typeface, inspired by the environment and natural forms. I was asked to highlight the welcoming and quirky character of the typeface, and imagine it within settings influenced by the real world.

I translated the typeface into three-dimensional models and placed them within handcrafted environments, aiming to convey an organic aesthetic.