yasmin p.

then + onwards


A React app featuring a pair of interactive 3d-rendered images that capture sentiments of the past and future. This project received the Design Award for Best in Experimentation at the 2021 UIC Year End Show.

view of a living room from behind a sofa. a round rug sits beneath a midcentury oval coffee table containing a Rubik's cube, a gameboy, an ashtray, a cup of tea, and a candle. in front is a TV stand, beside a neon sign of a smiley face.
a bus stop in front of a grassy field with cherry trees. a utility pole appears to the left, with an empty circular road sign beside it. a cup of coffee is left on the ground beside a bench. an LCD screen reads "07 Tomorrow"

When a user clicks on specific objects depicted in the artworks, the object animates, and a line of text appears on the page. I hope to place the viewer in a nostalgic state of mind.

"then", rendered without textures
clay render
"onwards", rendered without textures
clay render